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Eps18 House 3×18

House 3×18

House 3×18
Season 3
Episode: 18
Air Date: 2007-04-10

On House and Cuddy’s flight from Singapore a passenger gets ill and Cuddy suspects an epidemic. At the hospital, Wilson leads the team as they deal with a middle-aged woman…

Episode Title: Airborne
Serie: House
Eps10 Dollhouse 1×10

Dollhouse 1×10

Dollhouse 1×10
Season 1
Episode: 10
Air Date: 2009-04-24

When Adelle’s wealthy friend is murdered, Adelle imprints Echo with the woman’s memories and personality to solve the case. Ballard looks into Mellie’s past, and Topher secretly programs Sierra for…

Episode Title: Haunted
Serie: Dollhouse